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This website is for reviewing lady escorts and also reviewing the
guys who see them.

If you have had a great experience with an escort, tell the world about it. If you've had a bad experience or have been ripped off, again tell the world.
For the ladies, if you've had an experience with a guy that you want to tell OR warn others about this site is for you.
This site is completely ANONYMOUS. There are NO user names, NO passwords and you are completely free to say what you like within reason.

- You MUST be over EIGHTEEN (18) years old to use this site.
- Any reference to minor persons is absolutely prohibited
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- Only first names and telephone numbers may be used on this site.
- First names and telephone numbers of the escorts will generally
come from the internet. We all understand that both men and women
may not be using their real names. No new information is necessary.
- Privacy for all parties is highly important. Do NOT use last names
or addresses unless the address is a public place (ie. hotel).
- Names of guys and their phone numbers again are limited
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- The safety of both Providers and Hobbyists is the MOST IMPORTANT consideration
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else in danger.
- Feel totally free to answer other persons with whom you agree or disagree by
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- If you feel that false or harmful information is posted, please say so in a
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Any comments/blogs that are libelous or may cause harm to any person will
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